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幸福的 -- happy
I will never have to worry about the issues of food and clothing
no matter what I want to pursue, they always financially as well as spiritually support me
they always share their life experience with me
they alwyas provide me with the best growing environment
even they have troubles or encounter adversity, they always wear a warm smile on their face. Never let me worry about their personal affairs
温暖的 -- warm
whenever I feel frustrated, they always give me a lot of words of encouragement;
I always obtain physical as well as spiritual support and encouragement from my parents;
they always give priority to concern about what I need;
宽容的-- tolerant
be tolerant of my faults;
always give me a chance to correct the mistakes I make;
I have never gotten a scolding (
挨骂) from my parents;
they never feel disappointed with my poor performance in study;
there are no mistakes in the world, but only lessons;
to their minds, the more mistakes I make, the more progress I will achieve···
相互理解和尊重的 -- mutual understanding and respect
we always treat each other in a respectful way
sometimes we may have a divergence of views in some typical issues, but this is not going to preventing us from drawing on collective wisdom and absorbing all useful ideas from each other
although there is a generation gap between my parents and I, we still enjoy a harmonious family atmosphere
舒适的 -- comfortable
I always enjoy the peaceful environment when back home from work or study
although my bedroom is not decorated with luxious ornament, it is always full of my happy memory
It is a place where I can forget about all the troubles I have and get rid of any annoying things

      上面就是我们对于“家庭”的联想,其实还有很多相关的东西,这里就不一一列举了。 平时我们在准备雅思口语的时候,应该多做这样的联想。从一两个单词开始,尝试用英语去说明它的具体意义,大家可以找一些英英词典来翻看,上面用英语短句来解释单词的意思,大家可以借鉴一下,尝试结合自己的亲身经历去描述一个深刻的内容。这样做的目的就是,当我们在考试中遇到卡壳的时候,能够马上调动一两句“平时已经有深刻体会的、看起来common sense的、 却又无懈可击”的话来“填补空白”,尽可能让自己在这个时间去思考、去调整、去组织语言。


父亲(father)--工作(例如:work for the government, lawer, doctor···)--严肃(serious, take everything seriously, not take/play a joke)--认真严谨(do everything based on rigorous standards)--对孩子要求严格(be strict with what I do)----望子成龙(hold high expectation for his child)--对孩子的不良行为很生气(be angry with his child's misbahviour 例如:沉迷电脑游戏 indulge himself with computer games; 不做作业 lazy in doing homework; 说谎 tell a lie; 早恋 puppy love····)--代沟(generation gap between father and son)--人生观不一样(have a divergence of outlook on life)--矛盾吵架(may easily quarrel with each other, even for trivial things)--出发点是爱孩子(all he does is for our own good)--有责任感(hold responsibility for the growing up of his child)--做事认真,不怕困难,不轻易放弃(never easily give up no matter what he does; in his life dictionary, you cann't find the word "give up")--为我树立榜样(set a good example for me)--崇拜(admire him most)--激励我前行(stimulate me to progress and achieve my goal)--爸爸也需要孩子的照顾(we need take good care of him)--变老变弱(getting older and may easily suffer from chronic diseases)--我们即将出国,见面减少,因此有点愧疚(once I make a decision to go aboard, that means we cannot fuifill our own responsibilty in family care. Sometimes I feel sorry that I cannot spend more time in alleviating his heavy burden from family)--计划生育(one child policy, no sibling)--爸爸想念孩子(He miss me a lot even though he does not look like that)·········
       母亲(mother)--家庭主妇(household lady)--学历不高(didn't receive higher education)--但为人体贴(considerate, thoughtful)--和蔼可亲的(amiable, affable)--勤劳的(industrious)--好厨师(the best cook)--熟悉各种菜式(be skillful in cooking different types of food)--用心(with great consideration)--善于搭配菜式(she is a expert in combining appropriate amount of meat and vegetable together)--好味道的(tasty, delicious)--健康的(healthy, wholesome)--总是为我提供良好的成长环境(always provide me with a good growing environment)--不让我操心家庭的大小事务(never let me worry about family affair)--无私的(selfless)--总是鼓励我(always support and encourage me)--只想我过得开心幸福(live a happy life)--出国后想念妈妈(miss my mum)--体会到生活有多么的不容易(it is the first time for me to realise how difficult to maintain a daily life)--自己要变得自立(become physically and psychologically independent)--学会关心别人(learn to show concerns for the people around me)--努力学习(study hard)--有自己的事业(stuggle for a promising future)--不让妈妈失望(never let her down)······


       Part1: 关于家庭成员的问题(例如父母各自的工作);关于cooking问题(谁负责煮饭,怎么煮,学会煮饭重要吗);关于housework问题(平时谁负责打扫卫生,学会做家务对于孩子来说重要吗)
       Part2:  describe a family member
describe a person you admire most, describe an important advicedescribe a movie(由于我不喜欢看电影,所以我会选择父亲这一角度为切入口,编一部电影叫做《MY FATHER AND I》— 代沟)describe your favouriate song/ describe a song you heard in your childhood(世上只有妈妈好)describe a change of life(出国后懂得关心父母)describe an old person




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